Dr. Mario Glavaš

Dr. Glavaš graduated on the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb in 1963. General Surgery specializes in 1971. and Vascular and Thoracic surgery in 1974. He afterwards improves vascular and Thoracic Surgery at Surgery Clinic in Rijeka with prof. Franciskovic, University Clinic in Ljubljana with Prof. Košak and with prof. Ginzberga at VMA, the University Clinic in An Arbor, Michigan, and San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

Since 1976, he’s the Head of the Department of Abdominal Surgery at the Medical center of Pula, and from 1980 Head of the Department of surgical diseases – with a short interruption – until 1994.

During this fourteen-year period, during the leadership of Dr. Glavaš, there were many scientific achievements in the Department of Surgical Diseases, three surgeons earned a master’s degree, two doctorate degree, two university lecturer and six primarius title. With all this in the Department of surgical diseases, he worked under contract Ph.D. and university professor, and thus at the surgery in that period worked three university professors and four doctors with Ph.D.

In 1989 Dr. Mario Glavaš becomes a Head of the Scientific Council of Scientific Unit of the Medical Center in Pula, and in 1994 he was elected for Head of the Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery – at that point remains to 2000 when he opens a private surgical clinic in Pula, where he works today.

In 1983 he obtained his Ph.D. on subject: Contribution on the treatment of ischemia of lower extremities with reconstructive surgery operation on aortoiliacal and femoropopliteal artery.

He was titled in the academic assistant professor in 1985 and then re-elected later in the same position. He has published over 80 scientific and technical papers and contributed with over 100 works at national and international conferences / meetings. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences since 1983, a regular member of the Academy of Medical Sciences since 2000. He was introduced to the fifth edition of the American Biographical Institute – The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership for extraordinary contributions to surgery. In 2009 he was elected as a Man of the Year representing Croatia. In 2010 he was admitted as a member of the American Biographical Institute, and certified his membership in the surgical profession (Fellowship in Surgery Profession). In 2010 he won a Charter of the Croatian Medical Association.
Member of the Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Surgical Society, Croatian Society for Vascular Surgery, European Society for Vascular Surgery, Croatian society for medical expertise, etc.

Volunteer in the war during which he performed a series of complex surgical procedures on injured patients, and certainly the most difficult surgical intervention in the war on the first line of the battlefield – the so-called cephalic pancreaticoduodenectomy by Whipple, in the basement of a health centre.

He was awarded with Order of the Patriotic War. He is a member of the Association of physician volunteers war 1990-1991. He won the Great Medal of the Association. He received several national orders and recognitions.